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KC the Carnival Cat here!

I'm here to tell you how you can have an awesome time helping kids with muscle diseases. With a little hard work and creativity, you can put on a carnival nobody will ever forget!

First, look over this Web site for great ideas on games, prizes, food and ways to promote your carnival. MDA's "It's Cool to Care" Carnival Web site provides everything you need. All we need is YOU to make it happen.. You'll show everyone it's very cool to care.

Putting On A Carnival

When you have a Carnival for MDA, you are raising money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. MDA helps adults and kids who have diseases that make their muscles get weaker and weaker. People with muscular dystrophy have trouble using their arms and legs, and sometimes talking, swallowing and breathing. There are no cures for muscular dystrophy - but with your help, there can be! When you have a Carnival for MDA, you are helping MDA fight muscular dystrophy by raising money for:

  • Research to find treatments and cures
  • Medical clinics staffed by doctors, nurses and therapists
  • Wheelchairs, leg braces and communication devices
  • Summer Camp for kids with muscular dystrophy.

Anyone who likes to have fun, is creative and wants to help fight muscular dystrophy can have an MDA Carnival. You'll need at least two adults and several kids to organize and run the carnival.

A carnival is a mix of many things. You can have some or all of them: carnival games , party games , entertainment , a silent auction, food and prizes. You sell tickets for all your attractions and food, then donate the money you raise to MDA.

You can hold your carnival in any area that's safe for kids, and big enough to fit all your booths for games, food and entertainment. It can be indoors or outside. Some places to consider are: a backyard, a big garage, a church or school, a playground, or an apartment complex common area. Be sure to get permission to use any area that doesn't belong to you.

You should hold your carnival when kids are out of school, like weekends or school vacations. Avoid having an outdoor carnival during seasons that are really cold, windy or wet. If you hold your Carnival for MDA before Aug. 15, you could win a shot at being on the Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon on Labor Day weekend!

For more information, contact MDA

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