What's a carnival without good food? Below are a number of easy, tasty food and drink suggestions for your food booths.

Always remember it's your responsibility to make sure your food is fresh and served safely.

There are a lot of fun foods you can safely serve at your carnival:
Trail mix
Caramel or Candied Apples
Caramel Corn or Popcorn Balls

Secure large quantities of popcorn, cookies, candies, pretzels, trail mix, frozen treats and fruit at warehouse stores or discount outlets. Package these food items in small baggies to resell to your carnival guests. When selling frozen treats, keep the main supply in a nearby freezer and take out just a few at a time, keeping them in an ice chest at the booth.

A bake sale is always popular at a carnival. Ask friends and relatives to donate baked goods that are wrapped or packaged, ready to sell.

Don't forget to offer drinks. Bottles of water, canned soft drinks or juices in cans or boxes can be sold. You'll need a large ice chest to keep the drinks cold. Or set up a lemonade stand and sell cups of cold lemonade to quench thirst on a warm day.

Finally, you'll need a couple trash-bag-lined garbage cans. Set the trash cans back away from your serving area to avoid flies or odors. Provide an extra trash can for aluminum cans if you recycle.

  Serving food that requires refrigeration or heat is tricky. You must be careful to make sure food is kept at the right cold (under 46ºF) or hot (above 145.4ºF) temperature. This requires special equipment, including food thermometers. The best policy is to avoid foods that require refrigeration or heat to stay fresh.

There are certain rules you should always follow when serving food to the public:

Have an adult with you when you're preparing and serving food.
Be sure to wash your hands often.
Wear latex gloves when preparing or repackaging food.
Cover cuts and sores with waterproof bandages.
Wear gloves if you have cuts or sores on your hands.
Don't cough or sneeze on the food.
Don't allow anyone to smoke near the food.

Download & Print a sign for your booth.