You'll need to decide how you want to give prizes to game winners. You can give out the prizes right away at each game booth, or kids can collect prize tickets that they can use at a prize booth to "buy" prizes.

Whatever you decide, don't spend much money - if any -- on prizes for game winners. There are many free or low-cost items that make good prizes:

Used toys and games. You can give away your old toys and games that are in good shape (not broken or missing pieces). Gather toys from friends, relatives and neighbors as well. Small toys that come as prizes in fast food meals also make good carnival prizes

Stuffed animals. Clear out those "stuffies" who need new homes, plus get donations from friends, relatives and neighbors.
Coupons. Some local restaurants and businesses may donate coupons to be given as prizes.
Business give-aways. Get donations from local businesses that have pens, paper pads, hats and other items printed with their business name. It's good advertising for them!
Penny candy. You can buy big bags of inexpensive candy at discount stores

Cookies and cupcakes.

Used books, CD's and videos. Use your own and collect them from friends, neighbors and relatives.
Key chains.
Crafts. Small crafts handmade made by you and your friends can make good prizes

Download & Print a sign for your booth.